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Minor Release - Share Collections internally, Internationalization, Metadata Templates Update and many more - August 2020

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Canto Version 5.6.5

Share My Collections Internally Users can now share and receive collections internally within Canto. When a collection is created, click on the Pencil icon and choose the users you would like to share the collection with. The collection type will change from Personal to Shared and you can see the list of users (if more than one) by hovering over the user list. The recipient will receive an email and a Canto message board notification. 

The collections that were shared by another user (received) will show up under Shared Collections. 

Metadata Templates - Update Metadata Templates are now displayed under one section in the Metadata Editor and can now display multiple templates (up to 50). During the upload process, in the editor, all the selected templates are displayed together allowing the user to quickly populate all the defined metadata fields. 

List View | Edit Filenames Switch to List View in the Main Library, Workspace or Upload Links (during Review process) and just click on the name to quickly edit the filename. 

Upload Directly to Cold Storage During uploads, users can now choose to upload files directly to cold storage. This can be done even during the bulk edit process. 

If Cold Storage is available, make sure this feature is enabled by going to Settings > Configuration Options > Custom Configuration > Metadata Editor (tab) and add the Store In section. 

Internationalization: Multiple Languages - Self-Registration & Asset Request Forms The self-registration and asset request forms now support multiple languages. In the Forms page, just click on the icon to open the language editor window and input the different field names in the language of your choice. When a user selects the language from the dropdown list, the form will also display the fields in the chosen language. 

Internationalization: Multiple Languages - Login Screen The login screen now has a language selector option

Internationalization: Multiple Languages - New User Creation You can now set the language preference when creating the user. The new user will then receive the welcome email in the language that was selected. See the next feature below to know more about the Welcome email feature. 

Internationalization: Multiple Languages - Welcome Email As mentioned above, the new user will receive the Welcome email in the language that was set when creating the user. 

Internationalization: Multiple Languages - Private Portals Just like how you can set a default language option for a Public Portal, Users can now set a default language for a private portal as well. This setting will take precedence over the individual language settings when accessing that Portal. 

Upload Links - Automatically import to an album in Main Library or Workspace Users can now set a destination album for an Upload Link to either an album in the Main Library or the Workspace or even both. When the file is uploaded to the upload link, all files will be automatically moved to the set destination album. Users also have an option to clear the files after import and check for duplicates during the process. 

Replace Preview Image Users now have the option to replace the preview image for, either file that doesn't have a preview image or files that display a low-quality preview due to file conversion  (Ex. TIF Files). Click on the Replace Thumbnail icon and upload an image for the Preview either from Canto or My Selections or the Local Drive. 

Share multiple albums from a Portal When in a Portal, either hover over the album to see the share icon or select multiple albums to share using a share link. 

Metadata Templates | Create up to 50 templates An account can now have up to a maximum of 50 Metadata Templates

Metadata Templates for Workspaces  Users of workspaces will now have the option to use Metadata Templates. (Refer to the next feature's screenshot)

Workspaces | Custom configuration for Information Page, Preview Page, Metadata Editor, Filter Panel & Metadata Templates When creating or editing a portal, you will now see the Custom Configuration tab just like in the Main Library. Here you can customize and choose how the Information Page, Preview Page, Metadata Editor, Filter Panel & Metadata Templates will display in the Workspace. 

Asset Request | Export as CSV Admins can now export all asset requests with the following fields: Request Name, Username, Email, Message, Portal or Style Guide Name, Custom Form Fields, Submit Date, Status, Approval Date. 

Privileges Update | Separate settings for Share by Email & Share using Links Share Links now is a separate permission setting, which is ON by default. 

Users Page Update | Displays Expiration Date for Consumers Users overview page will now show the expiration date for the consumer if the value exists. 

Trash Bin Update | List View shows Deleted By and Deleted Date & Time In the trash bin, switch to the List View to see the Deleted By and Deleted Date and Time information. 

Export Folder Tree Metadata  You now have the option to export the entire folder tree for either the Main Library or Portals including the metadata such as Keywords and Tags if present. This CSV will include all the storage information, the number of files, etc. Go to Settings > Links & Connections to see this option.

Redirect Logo (click) to a custom landing page A portal can be set up to redirect the user to a custom landing page when the user clicks on the Portal logo. This works for both Private and Public Portals. 

Albums & Folders File Count - Count once or count all There is now an option to choose how Canto counts files in albums & folders. When storing we follow the logic based on the size of the downloaded folder. Now, users have the option to apply a different rule and count the file only once when the same file is assigned to multiple albums under the same Folder. 


Adobe Connector Adobe Connector for Indesign will now support the option to upload files back into Canto either as a new version or as a new file

Sharepoint Integration Just like the Box, DropBox, Google Drive Integration, users will now be able to import files from SharePoint and share files back to SharePoint. 

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