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Performance and User Experience Enhancements – February 2020

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Canto Version 5.5.4

Performance Enhancements:


Increased Upload Limits:

Canto will now support multiple large file uploads with up to 200GB for a single file, within the browser window.


Support for additional EXIF Metadata:

Canto will now read additional EXIF metadata such as Camera Model Name, Lens Model, Lens ID, Lens and Exposure Time. After creating Custom Fields in Canto that matches the EXIF metadata field names, Canto will import the metadata values into those Custom Fields, which are then searchable across Canto. Users who want to filter using these values can also add these fields as a Filter.  


Support for WebP Files

Canto will now preview Google’s WebP image files.


User Experience Enhancements:


Multi-select files and send a comment to your entire team:

You can not only send a comment to your entire team on a single file but select multiple files and type @all to send a comment to your entire team for those selected files.  


Reidentify Faces in Bulk:

You can now select a few files, click the Reidentify icon and Canto will scan your library to reidentify the tagged faces correctly.


Import Files from Upload Links into Workspaces:

Users who have permissions to review upload links can now import (drag and drop) the files directly into Workspaces.


Display Restricted Folders and Albums on Portals and Style Guides:

If your use case requires Portal or Style Guide users to access Restricted Folders and Albums, Canto now has a setting that would enable the display of Restricted Folders in a Portal or a Style Guide. As always, files must be set to Status = Approved to be visible in the Portal or Style Guide.

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Portals Landing Page Setup - Enhancement:

When creating a custom Landing Page for a Portal, users can simply drag and drop an album tile to rearrange the position of the albums.

Portals Landing Page - Insert Hyperlinks:

When creating a custom Landing Page for a Portal, users will now be able to insert hyperlinks in to the text section. 

Display Approver’s Name:

Canto will now display the user who approved the file’s status and will also display this information in the Usage history for that file.

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