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New Features - Curated View, Custom Roles, Premiere Pro and more - December 2019

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Canto Version 5.5

New Features:

Curated View

Display files in style by personalizing and organizing content in any album. Add context by giving album content a title and subtitle and also break it down into different sections if you wish. 

Your attention is always on the content. Once an album has been curated, the album can also be shared with external users outside of Canto, who will then get to see the curated view. 


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Custom Roles
Refine permissions with custom roles. Admins can now create up to 3 different custom roles and assign users to these custom roles.

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Asset Status Icons
If an asset is either Pending, Expired or Restricted an icon is displayed in the top left corner of the thumbnail.

Videos with Captions
Canto now supports Videos with Captions. Users can now manually upload subtitles to a video, and Canto will embed the file in the video. At this point, Canto only supports VTT (WebVTT) or SRT files.

Custom Fields | Separate Custom Fields Sections
Get focused with greater control over custom fields. Different Custom Fields can now exist as different sections in the preview view and information view. If you would like to see certain custom fields at the top of the page, simply rearrange the relevant custom fields in the Custom Configuration page. And, in a Portal, if you’d like to hide certain custom fields from being displayed, this can be easily setup in the Custom Configuration page


Comments: Ability to add comments in Bulk
Users can now multi-select files and add comments in bulk.


Filter by Content Type
The Content Type Filter now lets users filter content by the major file types: PNG, JPG, TIF, PSD, CR2, NEF, ARW, MOV, MP4, MPEG, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, WEBM, DOC, PDF, PPT, INDD, XML, HTML, OTF, TTF, ZIP, RAR, DNG.


Comments: @all to mention everyone
Simplify how you notify users. If a user would like to mention everyone with a Canto login, they can use '@all' option to notify the entire company. 

When users add @all comments from the Main Library, only users with access to the main library will be notified. Similarly, if an @all comment is made from within a private portal, only those users with access to that portal will be notified.  


Portal Landing Pages | Textbox
Similar to Style Guides, when creating a custom landing page for a portal, you can now select a text box from the layout options.


Click & Drag to select files
To select files in bulk, simply click and drag over the thumbnails and Canto will now select the files for you. 


Style Guides | CMYK color picker
The color picker in style guides will now allow the user to choose CMYK colors in addition to RGB.

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Support for High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF)
Canto will now support the preview of .HEIC files.


Italian Language:

Canto now speaks Italian. Ciao!







Comments: At-mentioning (Use up arrow or down arrow to select users)

When at-mentioning, if there's a dropdown list of multiple users, easily select a user by hitting the up/down arrow keys on the keyboard.


Duplicate check: Enhancement
When checking for duplicates using filename, users will now have the option to add a file as a new version and (or) append metadata if they prefer not to. This feature is available for standard uploads, Cloud storage, Upload Links and workspace. 

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Email Notifications | Additional Options
Canto has now made it personal by giving email notifications their own section now. In addition to existing options, users will now be able to choose when to receive notifications on: when content is about to Expire, Asset Requests, Comments and when a Portal or Style Guide has been cloned or about to expire.

Mobile UI | Folder Tree Navigation
Added the ability to swipe (scroll) within the folder tree to display longer folder & album names.


Allow Contributors to move files to Cold Storage

Contributors will now be able to move files from hot storage to cold storage and vice versa. This setting is configurable and can be found under the advanced privileges section for Contributors.


Receive a notification when recreating Smart tags
When smart tags are recreated admins will receive an email letting them know that smart tags have been recreated.


Export Contact Sheet with Metadata
Users will now have an option to export contact sheets along with the metadata . Open the Album details and click on Export Thumbnails as Contact Sheet.
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Facial Recognition | Import Names from CSV
When running the Metadata Importer tool, you can now import Facial Recognition names as well. Remember, this will only work for an image with a single face. The title of the column in the CSV should be Facial Recognition Names.


Ability to Crop before Resize
Another option: Crop, Resize & Compress has been added to the list of download options.


Custom Portal Landing Page: Option to hide Search Bar
When setting up a custom landing page for a portal, users will now have the option to hide the search bar on the landing page. Remember, this is ONLY on the landing page and the search bar will still be displayed when in an album or any other page other than the landing page.


Added OPEN button to preview documents.
An OPEN button has been added to the Preview view making it easier to preview documents using a PDF viewer.


Bulk Unrelate
Users will now be able to unrelate files in bulk, you can do this under the related files list on the Preview page and Information Page.



Canto Adobe Connector for Premiere Pro

In addition to Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, the Canto Adobe Connector now supports Premiere Pro

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