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Minor release - Mobile Interface customization, Video Captions filter... - October 2020

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Canto Version 5.7.1

Mobile Interface The Canto mobile page can now be fully customized for the entire account. 

Video Captions (subtitles) Filter Users will now be able to find videos that have captions and filter them based on the language of the subtitles. 

On the custom configuration settings page, add the Video Captions filter to the Filter panel to activate this. 

Facial Recognition for Images - Update Users will now be able to choose if they don't want Canto to identify new faces when uploading. 

For example, if a user is uploading a batch of pictures of someone who is already indexed by Canto, but there are other people in the background, they can simply uncheck the Identify and tag new Faces option, and Canto will not identify and tag any new faces from the batch of upload. 

There will be a helpdesk page with a more detailed explanation. 

Option to skip Smart Tags & Facial Recognition during Uploads Users will now have an option to skip either the Smart Tags service or Facial Recognition for Images during an upload if the information is not required. This would also help with faster processing of the uploads. 

Updates to the Recognition Settings UI To Keep it consistent with the rest of our UI, the Recognition settings page will now display the options in the form of tabs. 

Metadata Editor - Separate Editors for Uploading & Editing Canto will now support separate metadata editors- one during uploads and one for edits. The editors can be configured in the Custom Configuration settings page.

Filters - Selected Filters As an update to our selected filters feature, which was released in 5.7, Canto will now display the selected filters at the top of the filter panel under the Selected Filters section. 

Filters - No Value Filter All single choice and multiple choice custom fields will now have a (No Value) filter option. Selecting this filter will display all assets that do not have any defined metadata for this custom field. 

 Filters - Video Watermarks Filter Just like the filter for watermarked images, Canto will now support a filter for watermarked Videos. 

List View - Edit (pencil) icon To make it easy for our end-users, we have now added a pencil icon next to the filename to show that the filename can be edited by just clicking on it right from the list view mode. 

Editor - Mandatory Fields When editing metadata and if there are mandatory fields, Canto will now list all the mandatory fields.

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