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New Features - Video Updates, Share to Google Drive, UX Updates and More... - September 2020

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Canto 5.7 Release 

Smart Tags for Videos 

Just like the existing feature, Smart Tags for Images, Canto will now be able to analyze videos and apply smart tags. Simply, open the preview window for the video and click on the Generate Smart Tags icon:

The time it takes to generate smart tags depends on the duration of the video. 

Once the analysis is complete, the user will get a message notification in Canto and an email with additional details letting them know that the analysis is complete. 

Transcribe Videos to Subtitles 

In the Preview mode, click on the Transcribe Video icon to open the Video Transcription options: 


In addition to the manual process, you will now see the automatic transcription option as well. 

Make sure the language selected matches the language in the video. 

Once the process is complete, the user will get a message notification in Canto and an email with additional details letting them know that the analysis is complete. 

Watermark for Videos 

A watermark can be applied to a video using the existing watermarks created in Canto. Navigate to the Digital Rights Management Section and just choose the watermark and the location for the watermark to be applied. 

Facial Recognition for Videos 

In addition to the current Facial Recognition feature for Images, Canto will now support Facial Recognition for Videos too. 

In order for Facial Recognition for Videos to work accurately, it is required that Facial Recognition for Images should be enabled. 
We recommend before analyzing videos, the images (portraits) of the people in the Video are uploaded and an index of the faces be built first, and only then run the Video Recognition service.

Custom Metadata Mapping 

Canto now allows admins to define the mapping of IPTC/XMP/EXIF metadata information to the Custom Fields of their choice.  

The names entered in Canto MUST match the actual IPTC/XMP/EXIF metadata name. 

Date Formats 

Users will now be able to choose different date formats. 

Located under User Profile > Preferences, users will now be able to choose any date format from the supported 7 different types.  Once set, the chosen date format can now be seen in Filters (Date Uploaded & Date Created), File Metadata, Usage History, and Comments.

Asset Request Updates 

Users will now be able to approve or deny individual files in an Asset Request and will be able to set an expiration date for the approved request. 

To do so, simply open a request, mouse over the thumbnail, and select the file you would like to Approve or Deny. When a file is selected, the action toolbox would display the Approve or Deny options:

Metadata Editor - Custom Fields Sections 

The Metadata Editor now supports individual custom field sections. If Custom Fields have been categorized using sections, you can then add the Custom Field sections as a separate field box in the editor. Custom Fields that are not assigned to a section would exist in the Custom Field field box. 

Status Expiration Reminders 

Admins can now customize when the status change expiration reminders are sent.

Aggregate File Size when selecting multiple file size 

Users will now see the Total File Size of the files selected when multi-selecting files. 

Share to Google Drive 

Just like the Share to Box, Dropbox, Egnyte feature in Canto, users will now be able to share files in Canto to Google Drive. 

Canto supports both Personal Google Drive Folders and Shared Folders in Google Drive. 

Share Collections with User Groups 

An enhancement to the recently released, Share My Collections feature, users will now be able to Share individual Collections (My Collections) with User Groups in Canto.



Canto will now support the display of the content as pages. To setup Pagination, navigate to Settings > Configuration Options > Defaults > Display and enable Display Content as Pages. 


You can also specify the number of files per page to be displayed. 

Versions - Comments & Annotations 

Comments and Annotations will now indicate the corresponding version number for the comment. 

Download Presets Enhancement  - Crop, Resize & DPI 

When a preset is set for both Cropping & Resizing, users will now be able to perform both actions within the same window. 

Additionally, users will now be able to create DPI presets as well.

More UX Updates:

  • Replace the favicon (browser tab icon) in Canto. 

  • Display Number of Filters selected in the Filter Panel.
  • When using the Curated View, the files will now display the Status icon if enabled.
  • Contributors can manage User Registration requests.
  • Contributors & Custom Role Users now have access to view reports (Viewing Privileges > View Reports).
  • A new filter for CMYK/RGB values is now available in Canto (Filters > Images > Color).
  • Portals Landing Page now supports different Font Types. 
  • Export My Selections as a contact sheet.
  • Users can use the search bar to search for files in the trash bin.
  • The default view for the trash bin will be the List View, which shows additional information such as the date & time the file was deleted and the user who deleted the file.  

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