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Minor release - Video Tooltip, Image Version Comparison, UX enhancements... - December 2020

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Canto Version 5.7.2

Annotations for Videos Canto will now support Video Annotations. Once Annotations for Images and Videos are enabled in the Settings, click on the annotation button
in the Preview view to annotate on videos.  

Tooltip Settings Update Users can select the style of the tooltip, either as a preview or see the information for a filetype. 

Tooltip Preview for Videos Canto will now allow users to preview the video as a tooltip. Click on the Set Thumbnail & Tooltip icon to bring up the window from which a thumbnail cover or a tooltip can be set. Simply, drag the markers to adjust the preview and the duration.  The default max. duration of the tooltip preview is 10 seconds but can be reduced to a shorter duration. 

Upload Link Review in the Folder Tree Upload Links can now be reviewed from the Folder Tree.

Click on the Edit (pencil) icon to quickly access the Recipients, Users & Groups Notified and Settings sections of the link.

Video Transcriptions Feature Update Track Files can now be displayed as a text field and is also searchable. Users will also be able to edit the track file directly without having to download the file locally and make edits. 

Image Comparison for Different Versions Users can now do a side-by-side comparison of two images in the Detail View. 

Edit & Save as New Version Users looking to make minor edits to an image can now do so from within Canto. Click on the Edit & Save as New Version icon to bring up the window, which will allow the user to either Crop or Resize or Compress the image OR apply a preset and then save it as a new version.  

UX Update: Breadcrumbs Canto can now display a breadcrumb trail to show the current open album or folder going all the way back to the Main Library folder. 

Apply Smart Tags in Bulk  Users can now select files in bulk and generate smart tags. Once the files are selected, click on the Generate Smart Tags icon to apply smart tags.

Filters - No Value Filter The No Value Filter now works for Text and URL custom fields. 

Change Thumbnails Feature Update In addition to allowing users to replace the thumbnail of a file with a JPG, Canto will now allow users to replace the thumbnail of a file with another thumbnail of the same filetype. 

Upload Links Review Update Users will now be able to add watermarks to the files during review. 

Download Reports Update The download history report will now show the album of the files as well. 


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