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February 2021 (Minor Release) - Faster Video Uploads, Portal, Style Guide, Permissions...

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Canto Version 5.7.4

Adobe Connector - Automatically create related files when inserting images from Canto using the Canto Adobe Connector for InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator

When you insert an image that already lives in Canto to an InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator document, Canto will now automatically create and display the inserted images as related files. 

New Version - Edit Metadata & Add Version Comments

When uploading a file as a New Version and if the duplicate check setting is set to Show Dialog, you will now be able to edit metadata right from the duplicate check window and also add version comments.

Keep in mind that a preview can only be displayed for image formats (JPG, PNG, BMP etc.).

Restricted Folders Update

Admins can now give access to different users/groups for folders with subfolders or albums without giving them access to the entire list of subfolders or albums under the parent folder. 

Example: If you would like your US Marketing Team to view only the US Marketing Collateral album and your EU Marketing Team to only access the EU Marketing Collateral under the Marketing parent folder, you will now have the ability to set the rights to access these specific folders without giving them access to other albums or subfolders under the Marketing folder. Before, you were required to give the user/group access to the parent folder and only then go ahead and specify further access to the albums or subfolders under the parent folder.

Restricted Folders Limit Increase 

The Restricted Folders limit has been increased to 50. 

Increased Video Upload Speeds

We have optimized our video uploads.

Before OptimizationAfter Optimization
Original Video Duration: 00.01.54, 1920 x 816, 224mb1 min 21 seconds34 seconds
Original Video Duration: 00.00.53, 1920 x 1080, 814mb49 seconds23 seconds
Original Video Duration: 00.40.18, 1920 x 1080, 4.4gb40 minutes 18 seconds3 minutes 7 seconds

Portals - Control Visibility of Subfolders and Albums under a Folder 

When adding a folder with subfolders or albums to a portal, you can now toggle on/off which of those albums or subfolders should be displayed in that portal and at the same time maintain the folder structure. 

Custom Input for Color Panels in Style Guides

You will now be able to override and manually input a value for the RGB or CMYK scheme. When editing the Style Guide, simply click on the value to input a new value.


Facial Recognition when directly uploading to Cold Storage 

Facial Recognition now works for images that are directly uploaded to Cold Storage.


File Upload Dialog Box Updates 

The file upload dialog box now display the text that the window can be closed when the status of the uploads change from Uploading to Processing.

Replace a Folder or Album's cover image for a Branded Portal 

Just like style guides, you can now replace a folder or an album's cover image directly when editing a portal. 

Read Metadata Terms & Conditions Setting 

You can now turn off the ability to read embedded Terms & Conditions from the XMP Usage Terms metadata field. 

Read Metadata - Renamed and included additional Metadata Field Option 

Canto now supports the mapping of IPTC Caption-Abstract metadata field to the Canto Description field and all options have been renamed to reflect the correct metadata standards.

Email Collection & Share Links - Bulk Edit Expiration Date

The expiration dates for collection links can now be edited in bulk.

Users can now relate new files directly from the Related Files section of the Preview View or the Information View.


Download History Report Update 

Canto will now display the email address or the Group name, if applicable, of the user that downloaded the files. The report would also include the album names where the file are located.  

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