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Canto Version 5.7.5 - April 19th 2021

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Performance Improvements

The content (page) loading mechanism has been enhanced and can now handle even bigger libraries with ease. The Folder Tree loading mechanism has also been improved to load long nested folder trees even quicker. Same goes for the bulk edit process which has seen further improvements especially when editing more than 50 files.

Feature Enhancements

  • Metadata Templates 

    Increase the limit of Custom Fields in a Metadata Template to 25. 
  • Mobile Browser

    The mobile browser version will now display a language option on the login screen. image.png
  • Portals & Style Guides 

    You will now be able to edit the album names and descriptions. image.png
  • Added Shortcut - Download

    Ctrl + Click (Win) or Cmd + Click (Mac) the download icon of the file in thumbnail/masonry view to download the original file immediately.
  • Import from CSV

    Our Metadata Importer now uses Content ID to match and import metadata, hence allowing you to replace filenames of the files in Canto when using this feature. 
  • Duplicate Check - Edit Metadata

    When Canto detects a file as a duplicate during upload, you can now edit the metadata of the new file when choosing to add the new file as a new version. This option would only works when the Duplicate Check is set to Show Dialog. image.png
  • Public Portals Support Language Optionsimage.png

  • Videos Can be Set as Login Backgrounds

    You can now choose video files for login backgrounds.
  • Back Button Enhancement

    You can now click and hold the back button to see your history. image.png
  • Manage Users on Mobile Browser

    Canto admins can now manage users right from the mobile site. This applies to user access requests as well.image.png
  • UX Improvement 

    When a share link is created, Canto will now automatically copy the link to the clipboard. 
  • Right-Click

    Canto will now allow you to right-click except on the preview in the preview page and on the preview in the information page.

UI Updates

  • Metadata Templates

    The UI for the metadata template has now been updated making it easier to create and activate/deactivate a template. image.png
  • In addition to the previous related files update:
    Related files now show up as a panel and the overlay has been adjusted. You can now use the arrows to see a broader selection of related files.
  • Download Presets

    When applying a preset during the download process, you will now see the Original Image Size, Selected Preset Size and the Final Output Image Size. image.png

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