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Canto Version 5.7.7 - June 21st 2021

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Connector Updates

  • MS Office Connector Update 

    You are now able to select multiple files and create shared links.



Feature Enhancements

  • Custom Fields | Copy & Paste

    You can copy and paste custom field's metadata.


  • Approval Status | Lifecycle Management 

    You can now set both Approval & Expiration date for pending assets.image.png
  • Workflows Updates 

    In the latest version (Canto 5.7.6) we released the first set of a series of updates to the Workflows feature:
    Add Files to Workflows & Track the progress of the workflow from the file's Information Page.

    In this release, we will support the following:
    • Enhanced Display of Workflows

      This allows you to easily manage (preview/edit metadata/approve/reject) files right within the workflows module.image.png
    • Advanced (Rule Based) Workflows

      Certain rules can be defined based on the status of the task. You can also automate certain manual steps such as applying metadata and changing the file's approval status when a task is approved, rejected or expires.
      If you want to learn more about this feature click here.


  • Portals Customization Options

    Now you have more options to support a fully customized portal landing page. This update will allow you to include a direct playback of a video, direct preview of a PDF or Document right from the landing page. Furthermore, you can also link certain media to external sites such as company websites right from the landing page.
    If you want to learn more about this feature click here.
    Since this also applies to Style Guides you may want to read this article as well
  • Portals | Customize Login Button Text

    Now the login button text is customizable. If you use SSO (Single Sign-On), you can now customize the default “Login using SSO” to any text.
    If you want to know more click here.
  • API | Access My Collections

    You will now be able to access My Collections via the public API.

  • Option to Download a File along with its Related Files 

    When downloading a file that has related files, you can now choose if they would prefer to include all the related files during the download.

  • Download Presets Update 

    You can now create a combination of presets (crop & resize) and apply it as a preset.

  • You will now be able to share an email collection with a Canto group.


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