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Canto Version 5.7.6 - May 17th 2021

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Feature Enhancements

  • The related files feature now also allows one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one type relationships. Additionally, you can create a label for a group of related files, so that you can show related files based on certain classification.
    • For example, if you have a product image and want to relate all the technical docs, pricing sheets and marketing collateral and want to organize it based on the type, you can now do that in this update.
    • Or, if you have a master image and multiple variants of the master image in JPG, Black & White, PSD, PNG. You can use this feature to create a relationship, select the master image file as Primary and relate all other variants of this master image file and organize it with a label called Alternates/Variants.

New Features and Feature Additions

  • Trim Video & Save as New Version 

    Similar to our recent update for Images, it is now possible to edit (trim) videos and save it as a new version without having to download, edit and re-upload back into Canto.image.png

  • Recognize HEX Codes from Images 

    Canto will now be able to recognize HEX colors from an image. Under Settings > Recognition, you will now see an option to map the identified HEX codes to a Custom Field (Label) and define the number of labels to be identified per image. Once this is set, Canto will then analyze the image and return the HEX codes.
  • Move Folders & Albums to Cold Storage

    You can now move entire albums and folders including subfolders and albums into the Cold Storage.
    Additionally, the metadata editor settings allow you to change how the box is displayed.

  • Bulk Edit Metadata Editor Updates (& Apply Metadata Template)

    Now the Bulk Editor provides even more flexibility and lets you know which Metadata fields are assigned to your selection of assets.
    • If you want to quickly see what keywords or tags exist for the files in the selection, you can do so by clicking on the Display Metadata icon for that field, and the editor displays the values for that field. From here you can quickly remove existing metadata or add new metadata or even choose to overwrite metadata.image.png

    • Users can also apply Metadata Templates from within the Bulk Editor.


  • My Collections | Share Externally 

    You can now quickly share a collection with an external user. Create a collection as you normally would, then add the external users email address and Canto will now invite the user, giving them access to that Collection. 

  • Workflows | Add Files to Workflows 

    You will now be able to add individual files to Workflows and have the ability to track the progress of the workflow from the file info page.image.pngimage.png

  • You can now customize text and description fields in the Style Guides. Hyperlinks can also be added.


  • Brand Templates | Additional Restrictions for Download Options 

    Additional restrictions can now be set for Brand Templates when downloading a template from a portal.

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