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Canto Version 5.7.8 - August 1st 2021

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Feature Enhancements

  • 360 Images/Videos Preview 

You can now preview 360 images/videos from within Canto.

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  • Video Smart Tags - Frame Location 

Canto will now, not only display the smart tags from a video but will also display the frame location of the smart tags.

From the preview page or details page, click on the pin icon on the tag to display the location of the object on the video progress bar.

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  • Video Annotations - Display annotations on the progress bar of a video 

You will now be able to see the annotation marks right on the progress bar. 

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  • Display annotations in a shared video 

When a video with annotations is shared as an Email Collection Link, you can choose whether to display annotations in the shared video for the recipient to see. 

  • Trim & Share a Video 

You can quickly trim & share a video right away without having to save it back to Canto. This feature works only for Email Collection Links and not quick share links.

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  • Copy & Paste Folders & Albums 

You will now be able to copy & paste folder structures. 

Click on an album in the Folder tree, hold SHIFT and use the up/down arrow keys to select the albums to be copied. To copy albums, use Cmd + C (Mac OS) or Ctrl + C (Win) to Copy and Ctrl + V (Win) or Cmd + V (Mac OS) to paste the Albums. 

  • Share Folders & Albums 

Canto will now allow users to share folders including subfolders and albums. 

You will now be able to give their share links and email collection links a name. 

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  • Write back custom metadata on Download 

Using the same feature that allows you to read and map IPTC/EXIF/XMP metadata to Custom Fields, you can now choose to also write back Canto custom fields data to the same IPTC/EXIF/XMP standard metadata on download. 

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  • Edit GPS metadata in Canto 

Canto will now allow you to edit GPS metadata (Latitude & Longitude) if the camera device fails to write this info to an image. Supported formats are Degrees, Minutes, Seconds OR Decimal Degrees (33.948615,-118.401382). 

  • Portals Customizations 

In line with our 5.7.7 update, you will now have options to edit the header of a portal and can choose to add Call-to-action buttons and Social Media icons. 

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Additionally, you can enable a full-screen mode when editing a portal.

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  • Metadata Template Updates 

Metadata Templates will now support Digital Rights Management metadata such as Terms & Conditions, Watermarks & Copyright Info. 

  • Approval Status in Workspaces 

You can now set file status in the workspace and this information will now be imported along with the file when the file is moved from the workspace to the main library. 

  • Login Button Customization 

Similar to Canto’s previous update for Portals, the login button text for the Main Library can now be customized as well. 

  • Export Thumbnails as Contact Sheet from a Workspace/Portals/Style Guides 

If you have access to a private portal or style guide and workspaces can now export the thumbnails as a contact sheet. 

  • Date Deleted Field for Trash Bin 

The trash bin in Canto will now support a date-deleted filter field.

UI Update

  • The left panel on the Settings page can now be collapsed.

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  • The Share feature has now been added to the Folder Tree panel. Simply click on a Folder or an Album to bring up the Share icon in the folder tree.

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Workflow Updates

  • Workflows for Workspaces 
    Customers will now be able to set up workflows in their Canto workspaces.
  • Consumers can now be part of Rules-based Workflows
  • Reporting & History details for Workflows
  • Edit metadata within the info panel in the task detail page of the workflow (Rules-based workflows only)
  • Option to clone workflows (Rules-based workflows only)
  • Additional Options (Advanced Rules) - Move Files to Cold Storage, Assign Files to Albums. 



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