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Canto Version - September 6th 2021 (Minor Release)

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Feature Enhencements

  • Languages | Updates

    Canto's Korean, French, Italian and Spanish version have been updated.

  • Languages | Additional Language Options

    Canto will now support Russian, Swedish and Taiwanese Mandarin.

  • Custom Fields | Naming

    Custom Fields section names will now support multiple languages.
  • Custom Fields | Metadata

    You will now be able to map (read/write) Custom Fields metadata to existing files in your library.

  • Shared Folders/Albums | Setting

    We added a setting option that allows you to choose whether shared folders/albums can or cannot contain pending files.
  • You will now have the option to allow recipients to use third-party (Facebook, Pinterest) sharing from a shared collection/email link as well as creating their own shared link.
    Note: This is only applicable for albums/folders not for multiple files.

  • API | Updates

    Operation Logs will now display email addresses.
    The Upload History Report will now also display email addresses.

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