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Canto Version 5.8.5 - January 10th 2022

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Duplicate Check: Update

The Duplicate Check got updated allowing you to see a duplicate file count, navigation buttons to cycle through the duplicates and image/metadata preview of the existing file.

Workspace: Cloning

Just like the clone option for Portals, you are now able to clone workspaces too.

Workflow Task: Comments

In addition to workflow and file-level comments, you are now able to quickly add comments on any task.


Upload Links: Default Language

When creating an upload link, you can now set the default language. As the recipient of an upload link, you can change the language.

Filters: Dynamic Values

Values within the filter panel will now update based on the files that are currently displayed in the content area.

For example, a custom field might show 20 values when looking at your assets in the library but only 7 out of your 20 possible values when displaying a specific album. These are the values that apply to the currently shown assets within that album.
The same logic applies to all other filter options too such as keywords, tags etc.

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