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Canto Version 5.8.27 - October 24th 2022

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Workflow Update - Notifications

This update groups workflow related notifications based on one's Profile Notification preferences in Canto. 

This is particularly useful for users who work with hundreds of assets every day. If each status change would trigger an email, one might get overwhelmed with the number of emails in one's inbox.


More on workflows can be found HERE

More details about setting your notification preferences can be found HERE.


Canto SSO Update - Multiple SSO Accounts

When using multiple Identiy Providers (IDPs) with Canto SSO, they are now presented in a clean drop-down menu as opposed to having multiple login buttons for each IDP.


More details on using multiple IDPs with Canto can be found HERE.


Webhooks Feature Updates

We have implemented several updates to our webhooks.

  • The existing webhook event "New Asset" is now also triggered whenever an asset is moved from an Upload Link to the Main Library.
  • We already had a webhook event that gets triggered whenever a relationship between assets is created ("Relate Files"). We now also trigger an event when the relationship between assets is removed ("Unrelated Files").
  • We now also support webhooks for creating, updating, or deleting folders and albums.


More details on webhooks can be found HERE.


API Update - Reporting

API users can now access the user activity report of an asset, thereby showing which user viewed which asset in a specified date range. 


More details on how to use our API with Reports can be found HERE.

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