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Canto Version 5.10.8 - January 8th 2024

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App Switcher  

Canto’s latest release features the App Switcher - an optimized solution for streamlined task switching, enhancing your workflow efficiency.


Access your favorite Canto features instantly with the always-visible App Switcher located in the header bar. This is now the central hub for using your favorite features, providing a more convenient location as they have been removed from the settings. 


How to use the App Switcher

  • Navigate to the top-right corner of the Canto interface next to the ?-icon
  • When you hover over the menu the tooltip says "Canto Apps"  
  • Select from the drop-down which app you want to use.  


Note: You will only see apps based on your permissions.




Multi-Language Folder and Album

You can now translate each folder/album name in Canto with specific Language. For more information, you can visit the Multi-language Folder and Album Article.

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