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Canto Version 5.9.1 - December 5th 2022

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Cold Storage Notification

When moving assets to your cold storage you will now see a notification that the assets will no longer be available in your portals.


We improved the way you canrelate assets to an existing relation group.

  1. Click on the relate icon of one of your related assets.
  2. Select the desired relation group from the drop-down menu and drag and drop other assets you would like to relate to that group onto the highlighted area.


Two updates have been made for Check Out email notifications

  1. An email notification will not be sent out if an "undo checkout" is performed by the same person who has initiated the original checkout.
  2. An email notification will be sent if an "undo checkout" is performed by a user other than the one who initiated the original checkout.

More on how to use the Check out and Check in feature can be found here.

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