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Canto Version 5.10.3 - August 28th 2023

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The search bar in the Canto Main Library, Portals, and Workspaces is now larger and centered. This allows you to see more of your search query for clear and efficient text-based searches. 

It also gives a more prominent location for search since it is one of Canto’s top used features and essential to any DAM. 

Changed Smart Albums to Content Type Select Menu

Smart Albums have been removed from the top header to create more space for the enlarged search bar. A new 'content type' drop-down menu is now available on the menu bar, providing the same functionality as the removed Smart Album icons. 

File Type Filter

In the filter panel, we have removed the Content Type filter and replaced it with a File Type filter. This new filter allows you to easily filter your search results to only the file types and extensions you need. At the same time you can still access the smart albums by clicking on their icons and combine them with each other if necessary.

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