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Canto Version 5.10.7 - November 20th 2023

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Cookie Disclosure Feature

Our Cookie Disclosure feature ensures compliance with data protection regulations by providing clear information about the collection and usage of cookies. Through this, you have access to a detailed overview of the cookies utilized by our platform. Additionally, we offer the option to activate Cookie Disclosure for portals to align with regulatory standards.

Cookie Disclosure setting in Canto:

Cookie Disclose in public portals:

Cookie Disclosure for main login page and private portals:

Imprint Links

Imprint Links are a legal requirement in Germany for websites and online services. The imprint link feature provides German customers the ability to share information about the entity responsible for the content, as well as operations of the website, including contact details. Canto admins can activate this feature as required.

Imprint setting in Canto: 

Imprint in a shared link: 

API Update

To ensure Canto remains performant and maintains the stability of our core systems, we are updating our API-related search functionality.

Previously the maximum number of results returned when calling the API was unlimited. We have changed this to limit each request to a maximum of 1,000 results (you can still send multiple requests).

Below are the API endpoints that will be affected by this change:

Please note that native Canto integrations such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Twitter are not impacted by this update.

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