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Canto Version 5.10.0 - June 26th 2023

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Custom Approval Statuses

You can now configure up to 20 approval statuses. Each status can have a status name, a description, and an indicator. The indicator can be picked from a set of predefined icons.


Each status can have options for Terms & Conditions and Asset Request enabled, which can control these features in portals that use the new asset-level feature control.


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Please note that these statuses (in design, in review, internal use only, geographically restricted) are examples.  


Note: The default statuses Pending, Approved, and Restricted can only be disabled, but not deleted.

Furthermore, statuses cannot be disabled or deleted if assets have the respective statuses assigned.

Asset-level feature control in Portals

It is now possible in portals to control the features of Asset Request and Terms & Conditions on a per-asset level.



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When the asset-level option is selected, the settings of the asset’s approval status are used to determine if the feature is active for an asset.


This enables the creation of a single portal encompassing a wide range of restricted and unrestricted content.

The expansion of approval status options and the added setting option in portals also cause changes in the following articles:

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