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Consumers have view-only access, meaning they can't edit, upload or manage content. They do have downloading, sharing and limited collaboration privileges.


They can view:

  • Assets marked as Approved (if there is no approval process in place, all assets will be treated as "Approved")
  • Assets in portals that they've been granted permission to
If an asset has a watermark applied to it, Consumers will only be able to see that asset with the watermark overlay.


Consumers can:

Consumer privileges can be edited by admins under Settings  Users & Groups  Privileges.


Here is a list of all the Consumer Privileges:


When creating a consumer user, the admin may set an Expiration Date for that user if required.  This Expiration Date can be edited or removed any time in Settings Users.



You will have a limited number of Consumer seats as determined by your account plan. To add additional seats to your account, please get in touch with your account manager.


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