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Microsoft Teams Connector

How to download the Teams connector

The Canto Teams connector allows users in an organization to search, share and download files from their Canto library right within Microsoft Teams. 

You can integrate the Canto Teams Connector either here: or follow the steps below to download straight from your Microsoft Teams app.

To add the app to the chat bar, click on the icon below and search for Canto.


How to add the app onto the side panel

  1. Click on the icon on the side panel and search for Canto
  2. Select Canto, right-click, and pin to the side panel. 
  3. Once you have located the app, click Add.
    Be sure to select your Canto domain and enter your credentials to access the Connector.
    Note: SSO Login is supported

Use the connector

How to share files from Canto in chat

Users can quickly share files right from the Chat window. The recipient can then choose to either open it either in Canto or directly if they do not have access to Canto.

How to share files from Canto as a post

When creating a post in Teams, users can share a file directly from their Canto account into a Post.

  1. Select Teams from the left navigation bar. 
  2. Select the corresponding team under Your teams.
  3. Posts will be selected by default.
  4. Click New conversation and click on the Canto logo as described above.

How to use the search bot

How to use the connector 

Simply type @Canto followed by a search term to find a file in Canto. Now you can open the file in Canto or copy the link to the file in Canto. 

How to search, access & download images in teams

Selecting the Canto app in the left side panel you can access your files in Canto right within Microsoft Teams. 

Users can also search, preview, download, or share as a link directly within Teams. 


The display, sort order, and sharing options are all controlled from the Settings, which can be accessed by a right-click on the icon in the chat panel.


Video: How to use Canto with Microsoft Teams

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