In some cases you might need to import users from an existing table. We would need a csv file from you for doing the import in our backend.

Specifications of the csv file:

- UTF-8 encoded

- Columns separated by commas (,)

- Content exactly match the column names described in Content of the csv file

Content of the csv file:

First Name,Last Name,Group,Email,Role,Access Main Library,Private Portals


Group: Name of your Canto Groups; multiple Groups: "ITDepartment,Marketing,Sales"; no space in between

Role: Consumer, Contributor or Admin

Access Main Library: Yes or No

Private Portals: URL name of Portals to be accessed; multiple Portals: "MyPrivatePortal,PrivateSalesPortal"; no space in between

Users which are existing in Canto will be skipped.

If you don't need any Group or Portals assigned to the users keep the column empty.

Important: All groups and portals - that are referred to in the CSV file - need to be available in Canto before importing users!

Example: users template.csv