With Portals, you can create a Custom Landing page. 

1) To get started, you will need to go to the settings page of the desired portal and navigate over to the Landing Page tab. Once there, select Custom.

2) You change the background of the portal by selecting Edit Background and customize the effects at the top. 

The recommended size of the image that should be used for the background is 1800 x 1200 pixels. If Parallax Effect is enabled and the Portal has more rows of albums, the height of the background image can be larger than 1000 pixels. 

It is also recommended to the image file size is lower than 1 MB.

3) In the next section, you can display your albums in whatever order or arrangement you'd like.  

  • The Pencil icon will give you the flexibility to decide what order or how many albums to be displayed at once. 
  • The Trash icon will delete that specific section.
  • In Section Title, you would be able to add a title or add any text you'd like. You may also add hyperlinks. Please note, if you want to save any changes, you will need to select the checkmark icon. If you would like not to save your changes, you can select the X icon. 
  • Clicking on the plus icon will allow you to add any albums you have added into the Content tab from above. You can display and arrange your albums in whatever order you'd like. Please note, the dimensions of the squares are 1:1, the rectangles follow a loose 3:2. As you zoom in and out of the landing page the exact dimensions will fit with respect to the page.

    To change the image of the thumbnail of the Folder/Album please refer to the following guide -  Add a Thumbnail to a Folder or Album

4) You can customize this section with your own text or basic HTML/CSS. Please work with your own web developer for any HTML/CSS customizations.