There are many features available at the Folder and Album where you can change the thumbnail, look at storage information, or update permission levels. See below on to use or access the different features available.

To get to the detail of a Folder and Album

1) Click on the desired folder to highlight the folder.

2) Click on the arrow icon at the bottom of the folder tree.

Change the Thumbnail 

1) Click on "Edit."

2) Folders: Click "Upload Photo," select your desired picture, and click "Submit." 

Albums: You can crop the suggested image or click on "Upload" to replace the album thumbnail with another image you have on your local hard drive. When you are satisfied click on "Submit" to save your changes.


From left to right, the icons below the Album and Folder icon allows users to Follow, Share, Export Metaof assets, Export Thumbnails as a contact sheet, and Download

Note: You can only share a single Album at a time. You cannot share a Folder

Restricted Access 

 You will see the Permission function.

Here, you will be able to define who can see which folders and albums. You may choose between a specific user and group.

View Storage Information 

 You should be able to see the storage information below the Folder or Album

Users have the option to apply a different rule and count the file only once when the same file is assigned to multiple albums under the same Folder. 

To toggle with this feature, you will need to go to Settings > Configuation Options > Defaults > Other Options

Metadata and Details 

Like individual assets, you can add metadata such as Description, Keywords, Tags, Comments, and see what Albums are located in a specific Folder.