Administrators can view various reports providing information on usage and performance of the Canto installation.

To access a report, open the Notification Menu (the three vertical dots) and select Reports.

The available reports are grouped into various sections. 

The Sharing section contains Report on how files from your Canto library are shared:

  • Sharing Channels
  • Top Shared Files
  • Email Sharing History
  • Others Sharing History

Sharing Channels

Select Sharing Channels from the reports list.

You can adjust the date of the report, to see where files were shared during a specific time period.

Top Shared Files

Select Top Shared Files from the reports list.

Adjust the dates at the top to view the top shared files over a specific period of time.

Email Sharing History

Select Email Sharing History from the reports list.

Others Sharing History

Select Others Sharing History from the reports list.