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Reports – File Transfer Activity

Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to view the various types of reports.


Notification Menu > Reports

You can view various reports providing information on usage and performance of the Canto installation.

The available reports are grouped into various sections. 

The File Transfer Activity section contains Report on downloads and uploads:

Upload History

Download History

Select Download History from the list of reports to see an overview of the downloads in the set time range.

You can set a time range and search the results by either file name or user.

Top Downloads

Select Top Downloads from the list of reports to see a graphical overview of the most frequently downloaded assets.

Hovering the mouse cursor over one of the bars will show you a small preview of the asset. Clicking the bar opens the asset in a new window.

Below the diagram you will find a list view.

You can set the date range for the reporting period, the file type for creating the report, as well as choose between the Top 10 and Top 20 displays.

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