How to Customize your Asset Request Forms

Admins can customize fields in the asset request form shown to portal visitors.

To customize, navigate to the three dots on the top right, and select Asset Request.

Click the Form Fields tab.

The fields already defined will populate at the bottom, and additional fields can be added.

To create a new field, enter a Field Name, Description, decide whether it is mandatory to fill and select the Field Type. Once ready, click Add.

You can also set translations for your fields. To do this click on the En icon

In the dialog box select the language the translation will be for, type in the translated field, a description, and click "Save." The translation will appear when a user selects that language when submitting an asset request.

The fields which are available can be moved up/down, edited, and deleted.

Move up/down-



Request Name, Username cannot be moved up/down

Request Name, Username, Email, and Message fields are required and cannot be deleted.

Request Name, Username, and Message Field Names/Descriptions can be renamed.

Approving Asset Requests

To approve your Asset Requests from users, you can either navigate to Asset Requests found in the top menu...

...or navigate to your Messages

From here you can approve or deny an Asset Request.

Whether you approve or deny a request you can send a message to the user. Should you approve a request, you will be able to control the expiration date of the asset. Once you're all set, click Apply.

Approve Select Assets in an Asset Request

When a user submits an Asset Request, you can select which assets get approved. When you are reviewing asset requests click on the Review Requested Files. Mouse over the thumbnail, and select the file you would like to Approve or Deny. When a file is selected, the action toolbox on the top right corner would display the Approve or Deny options: 

Export your Asset Request Form Responses 

Admins can export all asset requests with the following fields: Request Name, Username, Email, Message, Portal, or Style Guide Name, Custom Form Fields, Submit Date, Status, Approval Date.

Simply go to the Asset  Request and select Export as CSV.

Update Expiration Date

You can update or change the expiration date of asset requests after it's been approved. To do this, go to Settings > Links and Collections  > Collection Links > select the desired link > click on the Edit icon.

Update the Expiration Date, click Save, and you're all set!