Admins can create text based watermarks for use with images.

These watermarks are visible to consumers and anonymous users across the library, portals, style guides and share links.

To setup, navigate to Settings > Configuration Options > Digital Rights Management > Watermarks tab.

Enter a Name/Description for the watermark.

Select Type as TEXT.

Place the text to be used as the watermark here. 

Choose whether the text should show up light or dark.

Click add.

The watermark has now been added, and can be further edited and positioned by selecting the pencil icon.

Watermark Position - Select what position of the image the watermark should be overlaid.

Watermark Text Size - While Watermark Position is selected, adjust the text size.

Diagonal and Tilted - Have diagonal and tilted text going across the image.

Click Save after making the necessary changes.

To delete a watermark, select the trash icon 

For instructions on applying watermarks, please see here.

Note: Watermarks are only visible to Consumers and anonymous visitors of a public portal. Furthermore, a watermark only shows on the preview screen of an image and when downloading it.