The Canto Office Connector supports Microsoft Word and PowerPoint on Windows, Mac and online in Office 365.

Note: The Canto Office Connector is an add-on feature. Please contact your Canto Account Manager for more details.

Sign in to Canto from within Office

  1. The Canto Office Connector can be accessed in the ribbon of your Office app.

  2. Click on it to open it up in a panel.

  3. Click on Login and select your domain. for tenants or for tenants.

  4. Enter your Canto account credentials and click on Sign In.

  5. Select your desired environment and click on Allow.

How to use

Once you are logged on, you will be greeted with your library folder tree.

Functions on this page:

  1. Open and close library tree. (Close library tree to view all assets.)
  2. Global search for assets within your library.
  3. Logout from your account.
  4. Your assets are shown here.

To insert an asset to your Word document or PowerPoint slide, simply hover over the asset and click the + icon.


Video: Office Connector with Word

Video: Office Connector with Powerpoint