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Enable Subtitles or Captions for Videos

With Canto, you can now manually upload subtitles or captions to a video, and Canto will embed the file in the video.
For now, Canto only supports VTT (WebVTT) or SRT files. See below for instructions on how to get started.

Note: This feature may need to be enabled for your account first. Contact your account manager for further information!

User Menu > Settings > Configuration Options > Recognition > Video

How to enable Subtitles or Captions for your Videos

In the Settings: 

  1. Under Transcription for videos make sure that you have Setup Video Transcription service to automatically create subtitles in a video

In the Preview:

  1. Select and open a video asset.
  2. Click on Add Subtitles.
  3. The Transcribe Videos dialogue is displayed.
  4. Under Transcribe Automatically, select language that occurs in the video.
    Click on Transcribe.
  5. If you want to upload your own subtitles go ahead and choose the desired language under Transcribe Manually and click on Upload.
  6. Click Close.

When playing the video, you can now select one of the available subtitle tracks.

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