Salesforce setup instructions for Salesforce Classic. Necessary files are attached at the bottom of this page.

(Note: this setup requires having some understanding of Salesforce administration and admin rights to the Salesforce instance)

1) Upload and jquery.js into the static resource pool of Salesforce.


2) Create a custom setting definition in Salesforce as shown below:


3) Add below as custom fields within Custom settings:


4) Create a visualforce page that references the universal connector js library. (Use DEMO-Visualforce PAGE.txt).


You can switch environments by passing target env into cantoUC instance. For example, if your account is a account- $.cantoUC({ env: "" },replaceCantoTagByImage);

5) Create an  Apex Class that is used to upload the file into Salesforce content resource. (Use UploadCantoFiles APEX CLASS.txt from the zip package)

Please update your FirstPublishLocationId (Salesforce library ID where you would like to store the assets from Canto) and PathOnClient (Domain address).


6) Add remote site URLs into Security control panel (Administer > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings)

7) Add universal connector visualforce page as a custom component.


8) Design the layout of the home page with this new component.



Note: Salesforce Lightning is unsupported.