The Canto Adobe Connector enables you to access your Canto account directly from within Adobe Photoshop. 

You can use the Adobe Connector only, if an Administrator has granted you the respective permission. 

Sign In to Canto from within Photoshop

1) in Photoshop, go to Window > Extensions > Canto Connector:

2) Input your Canto Account URL (e. g. followed by your Tenant ID (e. g. MyCantoURL), Canto username and Canto password. In the next step, allow access to your Canto account:

How to Use

1) Make sure you are signed in to Canto (via Window Extensions Canto Connector).

2) Browse through the Folder Tree to look for the assets you want:

3) After selecting the required folder, click on the arrow to pull out the window to access all the files within the folder:

4) You may also do a Global Search by selecting the magnifying glass and filter your files by keyword, tags, and file status.

5) With the tab opened, you are able to hover over an asset and click on the circle in the top right-hand corner of the asset to select it. You are able to select multiple files. You can select Place as Layers or Add as Files:

6) Note: files inserted from Canto will be downloaded to your local machine in the Documents / Canto folder.

Configurations Tab

In the Configuration settings, you can customize what metadata you see when you hover over assets and in the preview page and choose where your cache folder located. 

To access the Configuration options you can access it in the Configuration Tab.

In the Tooltip and Preview Page tab, you can select up to 8 fields of metadata to display when either hovering over an asset or when viewing the asset in preview

Under the Cache Directory tab, you may assign a different location to have assets cached. Be sure to follow the instructions prompted and to close the extension and restart the extension for the changes to take effect. 

Functions Breakdown

Canto Tab

  1. View your assets 
  2. Upload files back into Canto
  3. Settings
  4. Filter assets by keyword, tags, and file status
  5. Search assets in your Canto library
  6. Refresh assets to sync with Canto 
  7. Sort assets by date or name
  8. Display / collapse Folder Tree to view assets
  9. Display / collapse Folder Tree to view assets
  10. Sort folders by name, date, or custom
  11. Folder Tree

Content View

  1. Insert selected asset as a layer
  2. Add asset as a new Photoshop file
  3. Deselect
  4. Filter
  5. Change the size of the thumbnail view
  6. Refresh
  7. Selected asset, hover over the asset for the white circle to appear to select the asset
  8. Hover over other assets to bulk select assets

Detailed Single Asset View

  1. Insert selected asset as a layer
  2. Add asset as a new Photoshop file

Upload Tab

  1. After you save your file locally, you may upload it back to Canto as a New Version of the original asset
  2. Or you may upload the edited asset as a new file in your Canto library
  3. Browse your computer to locate the file you want to upload into Canto
  4. Upload the asset into your Canto library

Configuration Tab

  1. View your assets
  2. Upload files back into Canto
  3. Settings
  4. Launch Canto in your web browser
  5. Clear cache to remove downloaded files temporarily stored in your local documents / Canto folder
  6. Logout