Note: Only admin or contributor-level users can add or change the thumbnail of a Folder or Album.


To add a thumbnail to a folder, go to the folder tree on the left-hand side. 

1) Click on the desired folder to highlight the folder.

2) Click on the arrow icon at the bottom of the folder tree.

3) Click on "Edit."

4) Click "Upload Photo," select your desired picture, and click "Submit."


Adding a thumbnail image is especially useful when viewing albums in the portal format. There are two ways of changing the thumbnail. 

Method 1

1) Navigate to the image (within the album) you would like to set as the cover.

2) Open the image, then navigate to the top left and click on the icon shown below:

3) Confirm "Yes" within the pop-up.

Method 2

To get started go to the folder tree on the left-hand side.

1) Browse to the desired album and open it to see all assets within.

2) Select the image you would like to use as a thumbnail for your album and open the Preview screen.

3) Click on the "Set as Cover" icon and confirm your choice with "Yes".

Alternatively, you can upload a new image to be used as a thumbnail for your album.

1) Click on the arrow icon at the bottom of the folder tree when selecting an album.

2) Click on "Edit"

3) You can now crop the suggested image or click on "Upload" to replace the album thumbnail with another image you have on your local hard drive. 

Note: Though you can use any sized picture and you can crop the image to fit. However, it is recommended to use a picture with a dimension of 800 x 800 or to crop the image to 800 x 800

When you are satisfied click on "Submit" to save your changes.