The custom configuration page allows you to customize your Information Page, Preview Page, Metadata Editor, and Filter Panel.


Sections in the Layout tab will appear on the selected page.  To remove a section from the page, select the X icon next to its name.

To change the location of a section, select the 4 arrows button, and drag it to your desired location.

To add a field from Fields to Layout, press the + icon next to the section.  

Make sure to select Save to save your changes.

The Information Page tab allows you to select the sections available for the information page when viewing your assets.

The Preview Page allows you to select the metadata available when previewing any asset in Canto.

The Metadata Editor allows you to select which metadata fields are available to edit upon upload and editing in your library.

Note: Some of these fields are only available upon upload or only avaialbe when editing assets in the library. 

If Custom Fields have been categorized using sections, you can then add the Custom Field sections as a separate field box in the editor. Custom Fields that are not assigned to a section would exist in the Custom Field field box. 

The Filter Panel tab will allow you to select which fields are available to filter your library by.