Canto workflows allow you to create, assign, and monitor tasks sent to members of your team.  

This feature is an add-on. To enable this feature for your account, please contact your Account Manager.

Workflows can be found in the top right corner of your Canto page.

Select "New" to create a new workflow.  The next page will allow you to create a name, description, start date and status.

Select Add Task to create a new task for this workflow.  You will be able to name the task, as well as a description and a due date.  In addition, you can select a Canto album to include in the task.  Finally, you can add members to work on this task.

Assignees will receive notifications as tasks are coming up or overdue.

Members can be assigned as a participant or approver.  Approvers can mark tasks as complete, while participants can work on and comment on tasks.  Member roles can be edited by selecting the edit button, and can be removed by selecting the remove button next to their name.

Admins will receive email notifications as tasks are completed.

To Clone a workflow, open the workflows menu in your Canto account.

Select the clone icon on the right side of the screen to clone a workflow.

This will bring you to a menu similar to when you first created the workflow.  Here, you can update the name, description, start date and status of the workflow.  Additionally, you can edit the tasks assigned in the workflow and their due dates to give you team sufficient time to complete them.

Creating workflows in Canto:

Cloning workflows in Canto: