To create Canto Brand Template files in InDesign you need to install the PrintUI extension first:

Please contact your Canto account manager to receive the necessary PrintUI credentials.


After the installation is complete, you need to log in once.

1) Open InDesign.

2) Go to Window > Extensions and activate PrintUI Management.

3) Click on the little menu icon within the PrintUI Management extension in InDesign and select Enter Login Credentials.

4) Enter the PrintUI Email and Password, you have received from your Canto account manager or implementation specialist and click on Login.

How to set up templates

A Brand Template is created within InDesign. The designer may choose what is editable by those who receive the document. 

Layers, objects and frames that are meant to be fixed and not editable must be moved into the Background Layer.

Layers and objects where the content is meant to be editable but that are not supposed to be moved, resized or rotated must be Locked. 

  • Locked Layers: Objects can be edited (replaced, resized, moved, and rotated) inside the frame, but the frame itself can not be moved or resized.
  • Background layer: Nothing in this layer can be edited.

Brand Templates do not support embedded images! Use local images, when creating your InDesign document that will later be used as a Brand Template in Canto. 

After creating the template, Preflight the document using the management panel. Once the document is error free, upload the file to Canto from within InDesign.

This video demonstrates the creation of a Brand Template in InDesign in more detail:

Contact Support for even more detailed tips on how to create Canto Brand Templates in InDesign.