Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature for your Canto account.

Once your account manager has enabled this feature for your account, please follow the below instructions to turn on the feature:

Go to Settings >Configuration Options > Recognition and select Setup Facial Recognition.


Click Reidentify Faces (this is will identify any images that were already uploaded and any new images) and Save

You can set a limit on the maximum number of people to get recognized for each image.

By default, it's set to 10 people per image but you can increase this value to up to 50.

Once you are done with your desired configuration, navigate to Custom Configuration and add the following:

  • Facial Recognition as a field under the information page

  • Facial Recognition on the metadata editor
  • People on the Filter Panel

And click Save.

Best Practices

Before you use the Facial Recognition feature, we recommend that you upload an image that contains a full face and shoulders of the person. It is important to upload this first picture as a reference picture to help better identify pictures. Especially, for group photos. See below for sample images: