*Accessible by Admin users only*

If assets/folders/albums are deleted from the main library, the content is sent to the Trash Bin:

The content will sit here for up to 30 days, before automatic deletion.

To recover assets/folders/albums from the trash bin, hover over the content and click the recover icon:

Assets recovered from the Trash Bin will be assigned back into any albums it was previously in. You can recover deleted folders and albums by going into the Trash Bin and restoring them. Folders and albums will be restored to where they were initially located within your folder structure. When albums and folders are restored, assets that were previously located in there will be included back into the albums.

Note: Deleting a folder will delete all its subfolders and albums but none of its assets. Those assets will become unassigned and fall in the Unassigned album of your Folder Tree after the deletion and would need to be deleted manually. 

See the following link for more information on the Unassigned album.