Rename Flight to Canto

As of Monday, May 21, 2018 we have renamed our SaaS digital asset management application formerly known as ‘Flight by Canto’ or ‘Flight’ to Canto in order to improve and simplify the user experience.

Active customer accounts will shift from to You may start to login today to your new shorter URL. Please note that both URLs will work in parallel during a transition period.  A series of notifications will be given in advance, prior to sunsetting the access in the coming months. 

GDPR Update     

In order to comply with GDPR regulation standards we have also updated our expired account policies. Data will only be stored for 30 days in accounts that have expired – whether trial or customer accounts. This includes assets as well as contact information user data.


Annotations has been updated, so you can now @mention other users and groups. 

Simply enter @ along with their name (or @group) to notify them.

Unread Message Count

The numbers next to the utilities menunow displays the total number of unread messages in your message board.