Related Files in Portals

If the files you’re sharing through a Portal have related files, you’ll now be able to see those related files in the Portal as well.  

To find out more about Related Files, please see Related File article and for a tutorial video see Related Files video.  

Self-Registration for Multiple Portals

If you work with portals, you can now setup self-registration for multiple portals in one go. Just choose the validation method, the portals you would like your users to register and you’re all set!


Find & Replace – Whole Words

You can now search and replace whole words instead of a matching text string.

For example, if you would like to replace the word ‘ingest’ with ‘upload’, enabling this option will only replace the word ‘ingest’ with ‘upload’, and won’t replace the text string ‘ingestion’.


CloudFront – Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service

We now use AWS CloudFront, a global content delivery network service from Amazon that serves content to almost anywhere in the globe with low latency and high transfer speeds. If you have teams spread out globally, you will notice that the library loads faster, previews render quicker and downloads happen at high transfer speeds. 

Nested Comment Threads

You’ll notice an upgrade to the Comments section. You can now reply to a specific comment and it will be visually grouped as a thread.


In the preview view, you can now add a note or a comment to a specific area of an image in the main library. Toggle markups on or off for easy previewing.

Updated Notifications In Message Board

Messages are more dynamic now – You can now click on the message to see the result. For example, when you receive a ‘file uploaded’ message, you can click on it to see the newly uploaded files.

Custom Filters

Admins can now define what fields are visible in the filter panel.

Scheduling An Approval Date In The Future

When there are assets that need to be distributed in the future, say for a campaign, setting an approval date (embargo date) in the future will make those assets visible to your consumers beginning on that date.

View Additional Details After Upload

You can now click ‘View Detail’ in the notification to see additional details regarding your upload.

And / Or Filter Conditions

You can now choose how the filter is applied by selecting between AND / OR conditions to further simplify your search results.

Display Metadata When Sharing Content As Links Or Collections

When you share content either as a link or in an email collection, you can now choose to display the metadata.

Dutch Language

We now speak Dutch. Head on over to Preferences, to change your language preferences.