The latest Canto BCN release offers some great new features and enhancements: Related Assets in Preview Mode, Drag & Drop Chrome Functionality, Two-Factor Authentication and many more.

Related Assets in Preview

Related assets now appear as a filmstrip in Preview mode, which makes it easier for users to see all related files, at a glance.

Drag & Drop Chrome Extension

The Canto Drag & Drop Tool lets users move content from Canto to other applications, by simply dragging and dropping files into any application that supports drag & drop functionality. For example, if you are working on a presentation and want to use an image from the Canto library, simply drag the image from the tool and drop it right into your slide.

Learn more about the Chrome extension here >

Install the Chrome extension here >


Two-Factor Authentication

We’ve added a Two-Factor Authentication option to make Canto more secure. Once enabled, users who log into Canto from a different IP address must confirm their identity, by typing in an access code sent to their email address.

Select More Than 100 assets

Admins can now define the total number of files to be selected when a user clicks on Select All. The Admin simply enters a value between 1000 and 10,000 to change the total number of files that can be selected at any one time.

Save and Re-Use Branding Themes

Want to reuse your Canto branding for portals? Now users can save up to 16 different branding themes, and avoid the hassle of recreating a particular branding all over again from scratch.

Hide “Shared By”

Users now have more control over sharing by having the option to remain anonymous when sharing links and collections.

Defaults on Portals

You can now set up different default options for portals. For example, let’s say you have a portal with only presentations for your sales team. You would simply set up the default as the Presentations SmartAlbum – then when a user opens the portal, it will launch them directly into the Presentations Smart Album.

Display Upload URL


We have made it easy for users to see the upload URL that gets sent out.

Cancel All Uploads

If you realize that you’ve uploaded the wrong batch of files, and want to quickly and immediately cancel all uploads, you can do so by clicking on the X button on the top-right corner. Canto will provide notification of how many were successfully uploaded before cancellation.

Custom Field Sort in Settings. Alpha Sort Name / for Field Type

If you want to sort how custom fields are displayed (either by Name or Type), you can now do this by sorting the list within the Custom Field page in Settings.

Display Portal URL 

Admin users can now copy the URL of each Portal from Settings / Portal / Advanced Options. Thus simplifying how you send people to your portal.

Administrator Control Over Email Collection links 

Administrators now have control over Email Collection Links to review details, add watermarks/expiration dates and track who has been sharing content.