Smart Tags use Amazon Web Services Rekognition to identify objects, features, and details of images and creates relevant labels that are automatically attached to the asset.

Note: If you do not see the Smart Tags setting, please contact your Account Manager, so they can set it up for you. 

To set up Smart Tags:

1) Navigate to the Settings and select the tab Configuration Options, followed by the sub-tab Smart Tags 

2) Toggle the Smart Tags option to 'On'

3) Choose a number between 0-99 for the Min. Confidence Score for AWS Rekognition to follow.

The “Confidence Score” is a number between 0 and 99 that indicates the probability that a predicted detection is correct. Canto does not return any tags with a Confidence Score lower than the specified value. The lower the score, the more (and potentially less relevant) Smart Tags will be returned. 

4) Choose a number between 1-30 for the Maximum Tag amount. 

This is the maximum number of tags that you want Smart Tags to return. The returned tags will have the highest Confidence Scores of the detected details in the image.

If you have questions on the technical components behind AWS Rekognition, check out their website.