Download Presets are an Advanced Download Option for images. When enabled, users can select a Download Preset to download an image in a fixed ratio size. They're helpful for downloading images with the standard ratios used for social media sites and advertisements.

When they're enabled, users can have the option to download with the fixed ratio size, or only be able to download with the fixed ration size.

To do so:

1) Navigate to Settings, and then select the Configuration Options tab, followed by the Download Presets sub-tab.

2) Name your Preset and designate the width (in pixel) and height (in pixel) that you want your file to be downloaded in.

3) Select the Maintain Aspect Ratio lock icon to enable the fixed ratio.

Once the Preset has been created, they will reflect as an option when you download an image.

Administrators can allow Contributors OR Consumers OR both to download the original file OR crop & resize OR use a preset.