To share files with external users without using email, use a Collection Link.

You can access the share window by hovering over a file and clicking the Share button:

The link option appears in the share window as the chainlink icon:

You'll be asked to provide an Expiration Date. 

Additionally, you can enter more details when creating a link:

Click Create Link when finished.

You will then be given a link that can be shared with outside collaborators. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the link for pasting.

A list of all the links you have created will be recorded and can be managed later by navigating to the Settings > Links & Connections > Email Collection Links.

Important: A shared link is static and will not update when changing the status of any of the shared assets.
The only change that does affect a shared link is deleting its assets from Canto.

To prevent consumers from modifying the expiration date, a default expiration date for assets can be set within Settings > Configuration Options > Defaults > Other Options.

Check the Set Expiration Date box if you would like to enable this feature and add the value for the expiration date.

From here you can also set options for your Collections LInks such as display metadata, download settings, and password protection.