Administrators and Contributors are able to edit a file with different approval options. These options are available to help teams strategize a workflow process concerning developing and finalizing content, as well as publishing content on public portals.

The approval options appear in the "Status" section on the Information Page.

The approval options are:

  • Approved - this file can be shared and downloaded by consumers. It will also appear on public portals
  • Pending - this file cannot be shared or downloaded by consumers. It will not appear in public portals. Contributors members who do not have the privilege to "Approve Content" will not be able to edit the approval status of a file.
  • Restricted - this option provides the same restrictions as "Pending" and "Expired". It's recommended that administrators use the "Restricted" option for their team's workflow management, even if it does not provide an alternate functionality.
  • Expired - this option provides the same restrictions as "Pending" and "Restricted". It will only appear if a expiration date is set on a file. The file will be "Approved" until the desired date, afterwards it will be restricted as "Expired".

To access the approval options, navigate to the Information View page. The Approval options are located directly under the thumbnail of the file.