Upload Links allow outsiders (those who are not part of your Canto account) to share files to your Canto library. This is accomplished with a link that's sent via email.


To create an Upload Link:


1) Navigate to Settings > Links & Connections > Upload Links.

2) Click New Upload Link.

3) Enter a name that you would like to give your Upload Link.

4) Insert a subject and text for the email that will be sent out containing the Upload Link.

5) Add the name(s) and email address(es) of the recipient(s).

6) Click Create in the upper-right corner to send the Upload Link to all added recipients.

Admins can choose which users receive upload link notifications when they create an upload link.  This could be either all Admins or just a few Users or even Groups.  

To notify all Admins, check the box "Notify all."

To notify Users, go to Settings > Links & Connections > Upload Links > Users Notified.  Click "Add" to add a user.

To notify Groups, go to Settings > Links & Connections > Upload Links > Groups Notified.  Click "Add" to add a group.

7) You have the ability to control whether or not your recipients see what others are uploading. You can also later change this setting even after sending out upload links to your recipients. 

Note: Every recipient will receive a unique Upload Link. If a recipient decides to share their unique link to other people, they will see what that specific recipient uploaded.

8) To save you some time, you can have a designated location in your main library where assets will automatically be uploaded to. To enable this feature, simply click on Automatically Import to Albums in Main Library or Workspace. 

Select the specific location where you want the content to be imported and you should be all set with this.

You will be able to preset the status of the files being automatically uploaded.

9) Select if you would like to display a metadata popup on upload where you can specify what metadata details can be entered. You can leave those metadata details optional or make them mandatory or include a Metadata Template. See here for more info on how to create a Metadata Template.

Furthermore, you can add Custom Fields.

Tags to use can be pre-defined in the Quick Tags section.

By default, recipients will not see assets uploaded by other recipients. If you want to enable this feature, select the checkbox.

10) You also have the ability to customize the branding and color scheme of an upload link. You would be able to change the color scheme of icons, text, and description.