Users with sharing privileges can share content with a Slack channel and receive notifications from Canto within their Slack channel.

Connect to Slack

1) On your profile icon, go to Profile Preferences.

2) Click Connect in the Slack section to begin.

3) A new window/tab will open where you need to enter your Slack URL...

4) ... followed by your Slack credentials.

5) Authorize Canto to access your Slack workspace by clicking on Allow.

6) Finish the authorization by clicking on Continue in your Canto window/tab.

7) Select the Slack channel you want to connect to Canto and click on OK.

You can now start sharing assets with your Slack channel.

Configure notifications

Canto admins can configure what notifications should be send to the connected Slack channel.

1) Navigate to Settings > Links & Connections > External Connections > Slack.

2) Activate the action you would like to be notified about:

  • Comment made
  • Album added or updated
  • File added or updated
  • File Status changed
  • Files Shared
  • Portal updates

3) Click on Save to finish this process.