How to Create

With the Digital Rights Management option on, users can add an optional Terms & Conditions to their files. This requires Consumer users to agree to those terms & conditions before downloading a file.

First, go to Settings > Configuration Options > Digital Rights Management > Terms & Conditions. Make sure you have checkmark the Digital Rights Management for settings to appear.

From here, create and add a new Terms & Condition

Once you have created your first Terms & Conditions, go to an asset's Information Page

Under the Digital Rights Management section, find Terms & Conditions.


Note: If a file already contains IPTC Usage Terms metadata, it will be automatically read and stored as a Canto Terms & Conditions field.

How to Edit

If you would like to make any changes to your Terms & Conditions, you would need to navigate back to the Settings page. 

Select the pencil icon and you will be able to make any changes with the verbiage. 


Once you are satisfied with the changes, click on the checkmark. 

How it's Displayed

Consumer users will see a Terms & Conditions agreement in the download window for the file. They cannot download the file until they click the box to agree to the terms & conditions.

Note: See the following guide on how to view what Consumer-level users are seeing - Admin Views 


The hyperlinked "terms & conditions" will open a new window with the entered text. This text can be your own custom terms & conditions.