With the Digital Rights Management option on, users can add an optional Terms & Conditions to their files. This requires Consumer users to agree to those terms & conditions before downloading a file.

First, go to Settings > Configuration Options > Digital Rights Management > Terms & Conditions. Make sure you have checkmark the Digital Rights Management for settings to appear.

From here, create and add a new Terms & Condition

Once you have created your first Terms & Conditions, go to an asset's Information Page

Under the Digital Rights Management section, find Terms & Conditions.


Note: If a file already contains IPTC Usage Terms metadata, it will be automatically read and stored as a Canto Terms & Conditions field.

How it's Displayed

Consumer users will see a Terms & Conditions agreement in the download window for the file. They cannot download the file until they click the box to agree to the terms & conditions.


The hyperlinked "terms & conditions" will open a new window with the entered text. This text can be your own custom terms & conditions.