Files can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon in the thumbnail.

To download multiple files, select the files you wish to download by clicking the checkmark in their thumbnails.

After selecting the files, click the download icon in the upper right corner.  

On Google Chrome, look above at the far right of the search bar for a pop up icon and select 'always allow':

On MozillaFirefox, look above at the yellow preference bar and select 'allow':

On Safari, click on Safari --> Preferences --> Privacy and then select 'Allow current website only':

For all other Internet browsers, you will have to undergo a similar process to allow zip folders to be downloaded.

Prior to download, if you would to to crop or resize the image or download in a different file type, you may access Advanced Options:

If images are not downloading, make sure to enable Pop-ups on your browser.

Hint: Bulk Download

If you select multiple files for downloading, Canto creates a ZIP archive from the selected files and downloads the ZIP file. However, when selecting 50 or more files or when the total download size exceeds 1 GB, the ZIP file is not downloaded automatically. Instead, you will receive an email containing a download link for the ZIP file.